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1 year ago

What happens after the last cigarette?

Learn what happens in the body when you quit smoking and how long the recovery takes.


Science Team

Quitting smoking has very many positive effects on the body. Shortly after the last cigarette, many processes and functions in the body improve. Over time, more and more processes will normalize and the body will fully recover. 

How quickly your body recovers after quitting smoking

heart rate icon

Already after 20 minutes the first effects are noticeable

Your pulse and blood pressure normalize, your blood circulation improves.

After 12 hours without smoking

Carbon monoxide levels decrease and oxygen levels return to normal.

Blood pressure icon

24 hours without cigarettes

Your heart rate normalizes and the risk of heart attack begins to decrease.

Smell icon, tasting nerves icon

48 hours after quitting smoking, recovery continues

The reduced sense of smell and taste begins to recover. Smells are perceived better and food tastes more intense again.

Breathing icon

After 3 days

Breathing becomes easier again. Lung function improves and breathing returns to normal.

nicotine, poison icon

After 4 days

Physical withdrawal is complete.

boxing gloves icon

14 days without cigarettes

Physical withdrawal is complete.

Mental health, head icon

21 days completed

Mental health has improved, irritability and feelings of stress have normalized.

skin icon

4 weeks after quitting smoking

The appearance of the skin has visibly improved and the aging process of the skin has slowed down again.

insoline icon

8 weeks smoke-free

Insulin resistance has returned to normal.

Fitness icon

10 weeks and the body continues to recover

Physical fitness has improved noticeably.

Psychological dependence icon

3 months and another success

Psychological dependence has been overcome. Situations and activities are now no longer associated with smoking.

Lung function icon

9 months after quitting smoking

The lungs can clean themselves well again and the risk of infection has decreased. In addition, the immune system has stabilized and susceptibility to infections has decreased overall.

Stroke icon

After 5 years

The risk of suffering a stroke is now the same as for a non-smoker.

Lung cancer icon

10 years and regeneration continues

The risk of developing lung cancer has been halved.

cardiovascular disease icon

15 years without cigarettes

The risk of cardiovascular disease is the same as for non-smokers.


Those who quit smoking and successfully implement this resolution will notice a rapid and comprehensive improvement in their health, regardless of age. Some of these positive changes occur immediately, while others take time to become noticeable. However, there is no doubt that quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you can make for your health.

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