Science at Smoxy

Our goal is to help as many people as possible quit smoking efficiently. To achieve this goal, we continuously measure, test and research our methods. You can find our latest research results here.

Our approach

“At Smoxy, we offer a comprehensive approach to successful smoking cessation using scientifically proven methods. Each quit smoking attempt is approached individually and can be perfectly tailored to the needs.“

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Scientifically validated

The evaluations of the studies prove that Smoxy supports smoking cessation highly efficiently with a success rate of 75% and thus has a lasting positive influence on physical and mental health.

Our research


75.58% of the active users are successful non-smokers


92.11% of the users have not smoked for at least 4 weeks


93.7% Success rate in combating addiction with Smoxy coping strategies.

Based on 37,053 active Smoxy users in the last 6 months, July 2022

Our advantages

Research shows that Smoxy can have a positive impact on your smoking cessation.

Numerous studies and customer experiences show that an accompanied stop smoking is more successful than an attempt without any help. Research also shows that meditation, exercise, affirmation and various concentration techniques help reduce stress and positively influence mental health. This is exactly where we come in at Smoxy. We provide our users with scientifically based methods specifically for stress management during a craving attack. In this way, our users are able to counter the negative sensations of their own stress with positive experiences. This leads to our users remaining smoke-free in the long term.


Increased chances of success


Quick help & support


Knowledge transfer & self-awareness


Increased well-being


Active stress management


High level of motivation

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With a success rate of over 75%, Smoxy is the perfect choice for your smoking cessation.

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