A digital solution that makes your future independent

Independence in thinking is the first step to freedom. We believe that long-term smoking cessation, with the right attitude and support, is achievable for everyone.

Who we are

Smoxy is like a good friend who stands by your side throughout the entire quitting process. Smoxy is there for you whenever you need support and helps you get through difficult times so that you can sustainably master the path as a free non-smoker.

What we do

With science-based coping strategies, Smoxy helps you see through the illusion of nicotine's supposed positive effects, fight cravings, and create new life-changing habits.

Why we do it

We at Smoxy think that good health is the basis of a happy and fulfilling life. That's why we want to save as many people as possible from the serious health consequences of smoking. Smoxy has already been able to help 75.58%* of users to a smoke-free life.

* Based on 37,053 active users in the last 6 months, July 2022
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Helping all smokers worldwide quit tobacco so they live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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Creating a digital solution to help people quit smoking and create new healthy routines.

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Positive impact on health, independence and overall well-being.

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With a success rate of over 75%, Smoxy is the perfect choice for your smoking cessation.

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