Privacy policy

We would like to make the topic of data protection as transparent as possible for you. We treat the data of our users with particular responsibility. Of course, your data will be used exclusively within the framework of the applicable data protection laws, in particular the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Effective November 20, 2021

We encourage you to read the full privacy policy. Here you will find the most important points in advance.


Your data is safe with us

No one will ever know about the personal information you enter unless you voluntarily share your information. We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from theft or unauthorized access.

You retain control

You can delete your account at any time in the app under settings, which will irrevocably delete all your personal data.

Secure data transfer

We comply with the EU U.S. Privacy Shield framework and the Swiss U.S. Privacy Shield framework.

Please note

By installing the app or accessing our services in any other way, you accept the terms of this privacy policy and the processing of your personal data.

Open questions?

If you have any questions or uncertainties, our support team will be happy to help you. Send your request by email to

1. Information and data that we collect from you

Personal data, which are provided directly by you. When you register in the app, the following personal data is collected:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Name
  • Smoking consumption data (number of cigarettes, cost, consumption duration, consumption time)

If you continue to use our services, you can regularly provide personal data, such as, depending on the use of the services: time smoked in years, cigarettes smoked per day, price per pack of cigarettes (rolling tobacco, liquids), number of cigarettes per pack, time of first and last cigarette, cravings with mood, situation, location and contact, age (date of birth), gender, profile picture.


Within the app buddies can be added, they can view your personal data (Smoke Free Days, Recovered Life Days, Money Saved, Cravings Defeated, Cravings with Mood, Strength and Date, Cigarettes Not Smoked, Health Progress, Milestones, Profile Picture, Name.

By using the app the following data is collected automatically

Location information

  • IP address
  • Time zone
  • Information about the Mobile Service Provider
  • Currency, country & region

Device information

  • Hardware model
  • Your operating system and version
  • Your mobile network
  • Information about device storage
  • Unique device identifications

App usage data

  • Analysis of the App
  • To operate, to maintain
  • To improve the app
  • To tailor content and messages to your needs
  • To provide services and products you request
  • Processing of transactions
  • Send reminders and notifications
  • To send you discount codes or other product and service offers
  • To verify your identity, if necessary
  • send technical messages, security warnings, updates, support messages
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Billing
  • Administrative news
  • To respond to your comments, and requests
  • To monitor and analyze trends, preferences, usage and activities
  • Fraud prevention (identity check)
  • To share information you release may be used for promotional purposes
  • To connect / combine information we receive from you or others
  • For scientific purposes
  • For any purpose that we communicate

2. How we use your personal data

Your personal data can be used by us for the following:

  • Analyse der App
  • Zu betreiben, warten
  • Um die App zu verbessern
  • Um Inhalte und Nachrichten auf deine Bedürfnisse abzustimmen
  • Um Services und Produkte die du anforderst zur Verfügung zu stellen
  • Verarbeitung von Transaktionen
  • Erinnerungen und Benachrichtigungen zu senden
  • Um dir Rabattcodes oder andere Produkt-und Dienstleistungsangebote zuzusenden
  • Um deine Identität, wenn erforderlich zu überprüfen
  • Technische Mitteilungen, Sicherheitswarnungen, Updates, Support Nachrichten zu schicken
  • Umfrage zur Kundenzufriedenheit
  • Rechnungsstellung
  • Verwaltungsnachrichten
  • Um auf deine Kommentare, und Anfragen zu antworten
  • Zur Überwachung und Analysierung von Trends, Vorlieben, Nutzung und Aktivitäten
  • Betrugsprävention (Identitätsprüfung)
  • Um Informationen die du für das Teilen freigibst können zu Werbezwecken verwendet werden
  • Um Informationen die wir von dir oder anderen erhalten zu verbinden/kombinieren
  • Für wissenschaftliche Zwecke
  • Für jegliche Zwecke, die wir mitteilen

3. Data exchange with third parties

We will not share your information with third parties.

3. Data exchange with third parties

We will not share your information with third parties.

4. Revoke your consent

The user is hereby informed that he/she has the right at any time to revoke his/her consent to the use of his/her personal data for the future. Furthermore, the user has the right to request information about his personal data. The user also has the right to request the deletion of his personal data.

5. Our data storage guidelines

We store your personal data as long as your account is active. If you delete your account, your personal data will be irrevocably deleted. If you deactivate your account or if your account is inactive for a while, we will continue to store your personal data for a while, in case you decide to reactivate your account. We reserve the right to store your data in order to comply with necessary legal obligations and in case of legal disputes.

6. Delete your data

You can delete your account at any time in the app under settings, which will irrevocably delete all your personal data. The deletion requires a new login, unless you use an anonymous account. If you have any questions, please contact the support in the app.

7. Processing to run the app

Firebase Firestore

Google (Google LLC, USA)

Privacy policy of the provider

Purpose: Data recovery, synchronization of your data between your devices, payment status, and to share your profile data with your buddies. If you delete your account in the app, this data will be irretrievably deleted.

Firebase Crashlytics

Google (Google LLC, USA)

Privacy policy of the provider

We've integrated Google Firebase Crashlytics into the Smoxy App to help us analyze and fix errors. The reporting benefits the stability and improvement of the App.
Information is collected about the device and app usage, which allows us to diagnose and solve problems. For these reasons we have a legitimate interest in data processing.
Crash reports will be sent anonymously until you are authenticated. As soon as you are authenticated, crash reports will be stored with your user ID at the provider. The duration of the storage of the data collected in this way can be found in the provider's privacy policy.

Firebase Analytics

Google (Google LLC, USA)

Privacy policy of the provider

Collected data: User Id, app version, IP address, interactions and events such as login, registration, app start, content sharing, and achievements activation.
Purpose: Analysis of app usage, measurement of conversions for personalized offers, offer improvement

Firebase Dynamic Links

Google (Google LLC, USA)

Privacy policy of the provider

Collected data: User Id
Purpose: Invitation for Buddies


Cloudinary Ltd. (UK)

Privacy policy of the provider

Collected data: user pictures.
If you delete your account, your data will be irrevocably deleted by this provider.

Responsible for personal data

Please contact our Privacy Compliance Team and our EU Representative (Offlinefirst LTD, CY)

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